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16...More than a number!

Well, we did it again. My 16th year participating and creating Surf art on the streets of Lake Worth Beach. 16 years ago I went to my first Street painting festival. They had several empty spaces. I asked if I could come on Sunday and complete a piece.... By myself. One day. 12 foot by 12. No experience. I found a way to do it and was hooked by the immediate interaction between the artist and the crowd. A photo of that picture " Icarus ( an abstract surfer flying through the air surrounded in flames)" remained on the patio section of John G's in Lake Worth for years. Each year I have created a Surf Art piece. This year I decided to really focus on surfing and surf subculture as my visual brand. I love and have always loved doing this stuff. Thanks to everyone who came out to see, say, and share there kind words and support. Finally I have to give Mad Props to my Baby Girl Chloe ( 10 year old) for her hard work, talent, and help in making this year painting come to life. Also like to thank former LWHS Student John Dunfee, who has, helped me every year the past 4 festivals. Next Event this Saturday at Brdleys downtown Clematis Street for the Share the Stoke Foundation " Surfers for Autism" event. Surf Art by Brent is Donating 4 originals valued at $100 each, and if you don't win in the raffle... I'll have Surf art by Brent for sale at the event. See ya Saturday Feb 26 * 8pm

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